Spitfire wheels is the go to brand of skateboard wheels. Founded in 1987 in San Francisco California, Spitfire  Wheels is proudly distributed by DLX Distribution. 99du and 101du  Formula Four wheels are considered to be some of the very best  skateboard wheels available today. Spitfire Formula Four wheels boast high speed performance and  maximum flatspot resistance. Formula Four wheels are recognizable by  their creamy off white warm yellowish colour. With a cult following of loyal fans,  Spitfire Wheels will continue to be a staple product in skateboarding  culture for many years to come. Some popular Spitfire Wheels products  include Formula Four, F4, Conical Full, 93 Spft Sliders, Spitfire Classic, Radial Full,  OG Classics, Lock-Ins, Tablets and most are available in 99 and 101  durometer.