Satori Wheels x Big foot Artist Colab Cruiser 54mm 78a

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279 kr

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Satori Wheels x Big foot Cruiser 54mm 78a

Exclusive Artist colab with Satori Wheels and Big Foot

Soft Cruiser Wheels  70% recycled urathane

Satori cooperation with local skateshops, distributors and skaters worldwide, is now collecting old, skated wheels!! We will meticulously clean them, shave them to a consistent size to   serve as cores and then remold the old wheels with our fresh HighGrade urethane for a new riding surface. With Satori's same guaranteed quality ride, the remolded urethane will be made with a truly post consumer recycled core to provide a brand new wheel! These wheels are essentially cored dual durometers, but the cores just may have well been your last set of wheels. With over 70% post consumer recycled content, there may be some grease stains visible from the previous bearings, so these new wheels have a cool, almost vintage-like look to them.