Skateboard Krooked Evil Beamer Coupe

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Skateboard Krooked Evil Beamer Coupe

The shorter cruiser model with 14,73 wheels base so it carves really fast.

Collectable, Yes

Beamer construction keeps this deck light and skatable.

CNC bottom ply.

Beamer top ply creates a long hollow between the two trucks on the top side of the deck. 

Pretty cool to ride and nice setup to own and showoff to your friends  or try double kickflips on a 10.75'' board, or take it to the slappy seshion. Probably hard to not have fun with this and some extra wide Indy 215's.  

Moder drill pattern.

Wide : 10,75''

Length : 29,2''

Wheelbase : 14,73''

Ships with 2 sheets of Jessup.