Bearings Bronson Ceremic

995 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Bearings Bronson Ceremic

We have tried the Bronson Ceremic bearings here at Nordic. Our conclusion was these are the smoothest ride we have ever experienced. Very fast and very smooth.

Also check out the Bronson Ceremic Speed Oil to keep your bearings perfectly lubricated.

Check out the cold weather review below. Accoring to the review. These Bronson ceremic bearings seem to have very high durability and rust resistance. Perfect for our weather conditions up north.

And below an official information video from Bronson

And finally a fun advertisment for Bronson Ceremic Bearings with Zion Wright and Jamie Foy

High Density Ceramic Balls – Precision made, Hot Isostatic Pressure Sintered (HIPS) Silicon Nitride ceramic balls are super-fast, smooth rolling, and durable for extended use. Deep Groove Raceways – Balls roll deep in raceway channels – reduces side impact damage & breakage. Bearing Cleaning Unit Package – Case doubles as a bearing cleaning unit by following the included instruction sheet.