Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Nano Cubic Dragon Formula 93a 60mm

I lager.

599 kr

Skateboard Wheels Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Nano Cubic Dragon Formula 93a 60mm x 38mm

NanoCubics™ feature the same classic design advantages, of the  legendary Cubic and MiniCubic, reconceived for today's skating, and  utilizing our amazing Dragon™ Formula.  

The NanoCubic's offset design allows it to have the perfect shape for  both inner and outer edges to skate a wider range of obstacles.   NanoCubics are smaller, lighter, and offset, so their large outer edge  rolls up curbs, walls, and over cracks, and it covers your axle and  nuts.  The inner edge locks onto rails but releases when you need to. 

Outer Lip:

  • Protects your nuts!
  • Adds width and stability
  • Makes coconut wheelies possible
  • Climbs over coping, up onto curbs and up walls

Inner Lip:

  • Leaves more truck exposed
  • Grabs onto obstacles and locks in on grinds

About Dragon Formula: The amazing new Dragon Formula™ (DF) Urethane  used to create these wheels is another industry leading innovation from  Powell • Peralta. DF-93A Dragons will not only roll over rough terrain,  but also grip and slide like 99A and 101A wheels do, so that you can do  all your normal tricks and more on the greater range of skate terrains  made skateable by its softer 93A hardness.

Speed: Dragons are  very fast because DF-93A is super high rebound, an industry leading  18-20% higher than hard wheels. This higher rebound means you won’t lose  speed in bowls or parks the way you would with an ordinary 93A wheel,  and you will roll much smoother and faster on rough streets and  sidewalks…even in places you used to have to walk your board.

Grip & Slide: Dragons slide on both rough and smooth terrain,  when you need it.  This is because Dragon Formula is not a normal  urethane formulated to be a mid-90’s wheel, it is a unique formulation  developed by our R&D group over a 10 year period to optimize and  fine tune it to perfection. That’s why no other wheel can perform like  Dragon’s can. Its slide ability and grip to slide ratio come from a  unique blend of high performance materials, not from using weaker  urethane with less grip and durability to get the wheel to slide.

Durability: Dragon Formula wheels are bot only smooth, fast, and  slidable, they are also among the longest lasting wheels available. This  makes them a super value at the same time, so don’t think you are  saving money by buying a low cost, low performance wheel.  Choose Dragon  Formula wheels, and have more fun skating longer.