OJ Wheels Mini Combo Sanbongi 56 mm 99a

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OJ Wheels Mini Combo Sanbongi 56 mm 99a

We have tried these Shin Sangbongi Pro wheeels from OJ. The packaging does not say Elite formula. The description from Oj Wheels is ''new Original 99a high performance urethane''. The product description was a bit vague. So we tested them here at Nordic on an 8.75 with 159 Indys. 

We set them up with some broken in Bones Swiss. The 99a feels hard enough so they are fast. That was a good start. They arrive new with the little ridges on the riding surface and that took a few skates to wear them off. We skidded them on concrete (carefully), did some slides and reverting on tricks and they sounded nice.  They gave a nice Brrrt sound with a slide. We didn't try to flatspot them on purpose. Mainly because they are still on the board because we like them. 

The design of these is the Mini Combo shape from  Oj with an asymmetrical shape. The sides of the wheels are different shapes. The inside is a classic rounded shape and the outside with the graphic is has a more scooped conical shape.  The graphic has a retro feel and it looks good spinning around. The graphic will stay mostly on the wheel because of the shape of the wheel. That should look good as the excess graphic wears off.. 

These are fast.  In the top rating for speed Indoor, concrete and asphalt.  They didn't pick up extra dust like some brands do at indoor parks. So that was a big plus. Outdoor they went great. Did not struggle for speed with these at all. The flatspot resistance seems to be the well above average.

Classic OJ wheels from NHS, the home of Indy, Santa Cruz and Creature.

''OJ Wheels Shin Sanbongi 2 Pro Mini Combo with art by Mako @makoyamaki on  new Original 99a high performance urethane. Mini Combo is an  asymmetrical shape featuring a rounded back and a conical front with a  wider riding surface for increased lock-in on grinds and control on all  surfaces.''