Bones Wheels X-99 X-Formula V6 Wide Cut 54mm Moon Beam

I lager.

599 kr

Bones Wheels X-99 X-Formula V6 Wide Cut 54mm Moon Beam

V6 Wide Cut nice and wide and chunky wheels.

About: The amazing new X- Formula™ (XF) is another  industry leading innovation from the BONES WHEELS factory. X-Formula  rolls over rough terrain like softer wheels do, but slides much like a  harder wheel will.

Speed: X-Formula™ is extremely fast because it has a super  high rebound. X-Formula rolls much smoother and faster on all terrains  because it absorbs vibration and softens impacts much better than any  other wheel in the market.

Grip & Slide: The slide-ability comes from its unique  blend of high performance materials. X-Formula will slide when you ask  it to, and grip when you need it most. This is because X-Formula is  specially formulated for any terrain. It has been developed over a ten  year period to optimize performance and fine tuned to perfection.  X-Formula is very unique product

Durability: X- Formula™ is smooth, fast and durable. It has  been developed using the highest quality, longest lasting materials.  X-Formula is a great value and because it softens landings and absorbs  vibration, it is also better on your body which can add longevity to  your normal day of skating. These wheels will change your life!