Skateboard Santa Cruz Roskopp Pseudo 8,0'' Slick

I lager.

899 kr

Skateboard Santa Cruz Roskopp Pseudo 8,0'' Slick

Slide like a master with this slick bottom deck from Santa Cruz.

Claims to be 5x stronger.

Medium Concave

Long 31,8''

Width 8,0''

Wheelbase 14,22''

Everslicks are the fastest sliding slick boards out  and 5 times stronger than a standard 7 ply deck. The unique graphic  application process yields bright colors and high contrast graphics that  look great longer.

This one was the hardest product video we've done to date for sure. In this video we break down the details on each of the products and why they are great. Today we ride all 3 of the new Everslick decks from our Holiday Series. We have the 8 inch Polarized deck, the 8.5 inch Ultraviolet deck and Kevin Braun takes his all new 8.25 Munchies deck for a spin around Tempe Park and it's incredible.