Skateboard Santa Cruz Asta Leviathan 8,0''

750 kr

Skateboard Santa Cruz Asta Leviathan 8,0''

Wheelbase 14

Long 31,6

Wide 8,0''

medium concave

Today we are hyped to talk about and put to the test Tom Asta's 8.0 x 31.6 'Leviathan' Pro Model Deck! Tom's latest Pro Model features a 14" wheelbase for a quicker, more responsive ride. This board also features rad artwork by our friend Ken Taylor! If you do not grab this one to shred, be sure to grab one to add some flare to the walls at home. We put The Big Dog himself Santa Cruz Skateboards Brand Manager Andrew Cannon to the test with some tricks sent in by YOU to find out how this setup skates! Be sure to follow @andrewcannon on Instagram to send in tricks for our next Product Challenge, then let us know in the comments below which product you'd like to see us test next! This weeks product setup:  8.0 x 31.6 'Leviathan' Tom Asta Pro Model Deck | 14" WB K5 DLK Chaz Ortiz Krux Trucks 54mm 99a Ricta Chrome Cores Bronson Speed Co G2s 1 inch Indy Allen Bolts Black MoB Grip Follow Tom on Instagram!