Skateboard Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Baby Heron (VAJRA) Flight Deck 8,4'

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Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Baby Heron (VAJRA) Flight Deck 8,4''  


Deck Shape                        289                    
Deck Construction                        FLIGHT®                    
Deck Concave                        K20                    
Deck Wheelbase                        14.25"                    
Deck Length                        31.8"                    
Deck Width                        8.45"                    
Deck Nose                        6.68"                    
Deck Tail                        6.68"                    

Powell•Peralta is proud to introduce Andy Anderson's new Baby Heron, Vajra Deck,   the culmination of over a decade of evolutionary performance-driven   design modifications, making this new all-terrain deck easier to ride,   flip, and pop than standard “popsicle” designs, which haven't changed  in  thirty years.  Andy focused on making every aspect of his skateboard   functional, easy to ride and designed to wear into every skater’s   performance-enhancing personal shape.

Ten prototype evolutions of Andy’s 3rd generation Vajra deck were required to achieve this perfection. Made   with the incredible strength of Flight Deck construction, the Vajra is   durable and will stand up to the demands of today’s advanced skating.

Andy's set up with this deck is Mini Logo 8.0" trucks and his 52mm 97A Nano Cubic wheels.

FLIGHT™ Decks are:

Thinner - as thin as your phone
Stronger - more than twice as strong in our tail break tests
Longer   lasting - The epoxy infused, fiber reinforced structure of the Flight   deck is extremely resistant to breaking, and this structure gives them   "everlasting pop" that doesn't fade as your deck slowly wears.
Ollies higher because of greater rebound and snap.
Team   testing suggests that Flight decks will last several times longer than  a  7-ply, making them a great value as well as a superior performing   skateboard.

Original artwork by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson © 2023