Skateboard Polar Shin Sanbongi - Astro Boy 8,5''

I lager.

749 kr

Skateboard Polar Shin Sanbongi - Astro Boy 8,5''

Hailing from Japan, Shin Sanbongi makes the streets his own with smooth style and inovation.

7 Ply Canadian maple skateboard deck

Check out this skate clip of Shin Sanbongi

Polar Skate Co history and bio

Founded in 2010 by Pontus Alv, Polar Skate Co is a skatewear brand and professional skate team originating in Malmö Sweden.

More than a decade later Polar Skate Co. has become one of the most respected brands in the skateboarding industry.

The    current Polar Skate Co team includes a diverse group of skateboarders    from around the world.  Big names on the roster include Hjalte  Halberg (   Denmark ) ,  Aaron Herrington (  USA ), Nick Boserio (  Australia ),   Dane Brady ( UK ),   Oskar Rozenberg ( Sweden ), David  Stenström (   Sweden ), Paul Grund ( France ) ,  Roman Gonzalez ( France  ) - Shin   Sanbongi ( Japan ) - Pontus Alv ( Sweden )

The most  popular Polar  Skate Co products include Skateboard Decks, Polar Hoodie,  Polar Big Boy  Pants, Polar Sad Socks, Polar 92 Denim, Polar 93 Denim  and Polar Logo t  Shirt.

Polar Skate Co films are highly acclaimed and can be seen for free on youtube. Here is a list of Polar Skate Co films to watch.

Polar Skate Co - In search of the miraculous ( 2010 )

Polar Skate Co -  I like it inside my mind, don't wake me this time ( 2016 )

Polar Skate Co -  We blew it at some point  ( 2019 )

Polar Skate Co - Sounds like you guys are crushin it ( 2022 )