Skateboard Creature Gravette Hippie Falls 8,3''

I lager.
949 kr

664 kr

Skateboard Creature Gravette Hippie Falls 8,3''

Classic Creature concave Medium

8,3'' Medium Concave

14,5 '' WB

32.2' Long

Deck Shape DL-28

The Hippie Skull saga continues as @fatchrisadams inks the  next chapter in Gravette's long line of Stoney Pro models. Please meet  Kayak Dave's new 8.3" Hippie Falls Pro 1-Off deck. A tranquil setting  for a spliff and a cast indeed, upon his favorite shape to suffer on. Hand stained faded veneer with center placed multi color graphics. 7  ply North American Maple pressed individually using epoxy - making a  strong, responsive deck with long lasting pop and consistent concave and  kick. ATV is a universal medium-depth concave with symmetrical  nose and tail kick that performs well in all terrains on a wide variety  of shapes - for anybody, anywhere.