Super Pro Complete Chrononaut ''Swoopy'' * Independent Forged Hollow trucks

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Super Pro Complete skateboard by Nordic Skateboard Supply 

Super Pro completes are the latest graphics with upgraded Forged Hollow Indpendent trucks. Includes Chrononaut deck, Independent  Forged hollow trucks, Forged Ironware Hardware, Red Rockets bearings, your choice of grip and Loco  Wheel co wheels.


assembly required


Skateboard Chrononaut

Chrononaut skateboard deck with iconic Mander Graphic

Includes Grip 

3 Stained Veneer 

Medium Concave 

7 Ply Canadian Maple Pro deck 

Quality product with long lasting pop and good chip resistance 

Chrononaut Team riders favorite is 8.25''


Independent stage 11 Forged Hollow truck set 

Light weight truck set 

Hollow Kingpin 

Hollow Axel 

Forged Baseplate 

Lighter and stronger than standard Independent truck

Independent skateboard truck with great turning response and maximum durability

Polished silver finished


Loco Wheel Co 

Modern Wider 20mm Riding Surface

Classic Street Formula for street and park skateing

Fast wheels with good slide


Red Rockets by Forged Ironware ABEC 5  Skateboard Bearing

High quality skateboard bearing set 

Quality red rubberised dust shields keep dirt and water splahes out of your bearing. 

Fast and loose   

Tested by our team riders 


Forged Ironware 

High quality 7/8'' Skateboard Mounting Hardware 

Scandinavians Design 

''This is a quality product'' Guarantee 

Allen head 

set of 8 skateboard mounting hardware

8 * Black bolts 

8 * Silver Nuts 

Allen Key included 


Your choice of 

Forged Ironware Griptape

MOB Griptape

Jessup Griptape

If  your deck has coloured maple veneer on the bottom or top please note   : The  colour of the maple veneer is randomly distributed through the   production run.  As a result the colour of the veneer on your deck may   vary from the colour in the demonstration photograph.

Assorted Sizes, what size is for me?

Kids up to 6 years old we recomend 7.3'' Mini 

Kids up to 8 years old we recomend 7.4'' Midi 

Kids  up to 12 we recomend  7.75''. 

Teens up to 15 we recomend  8.0''. 

Adults we recomend  8.25''. 

8.25'' is recomended for larger ramps and bowls.   

Teenagers       learning street skating we recomend 8.0''. If they are tall we   recomend  8.25'' it has a longer wheel base.  Adults learning street we  aslo recomend   8.25''