Stinky Socks Ride

119 kr

40 kr

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Stinky Socks Ride

Nordic Skateboard Supply recomends this product. In our  opinion these are the highest quality socks money can buy. This is not  your average sock. The attention to manufacturing detail and quality is  of the highest level. At the 119 sek price point this is a lot of sock  for your money. At Nordic Skateboard Supply we  only stocks brands that  meet or exceed our expectations. Check these out, they will be the best  quality and coolest looking socks in your closet. 10/10 Recomended.

Stinky Socks newest lifestyle design
Perfect for skateboarding, active lifestyle and everyday use
Longer upper band from ankle to top for comfort
Extra stretch, Feet and forefoot zone padding,
Elastic arch support

AEGIS® antibacterial protection
Cool cotton maX® moisture removal

Available sizes: XS; S-M; L-XL
NYLON: 17%