Loco Wheel Co Cruiser wheels Mules 55mm 78a

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399 kr

399 kr

Loco Wheel Co Cruiser wheels Mules 55mm 78a includes Red Rockets

Get to the shop Loco Fast and Loco smooth with the new Loco Wheel Co ''Mules''

Designed to handle rough surfaces, rocks and keep you going extra fast in the streets.

These 55mm cruiser wheels from Loco are not to big so there is no risk you will look like a longboarder. And at 55mm they will fit on any board without changing the trucks. Got some old gear laying around? Just add the Loco Mules and Red Rockets and you have a lightning fast cruiser at a great price.  

The plastic core drastically reduces wheel deformation so you go as fast as possible on all terrain. The 78a wheel allows you to bounce over rocks, cracks and anything in your path.

Swedish Design