Spitfire Wheels Burners 54mm 99du

I lager.

449 kr

Spitfire Wheels Burners 54mm 99du

Spitfire Burners Formula 

Made in Mexico

According to the marketing material from Spitfire these are ''Developed for skaters who want a great first ride.''

We havn't tried these. They are made in Mexico like the Formula Fours so thats a good thing.

The shape is a slightly wider version of the Spitfire Classic shape.  The shape looks a lot like a Classic  Full shape.

We would recomend these for concrete and asphalt. So you local outdoor skatepark or the streets.

Available in many sizes. Nordic is stockng 52mm, 54mm and 56mm. That will keep you rolling.

Pair these together with some new bearings for the best rolling experience.