Slappy Trucks 149 Hollows 8,5''

899 kr

629 kr

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Slappy Trucks 149 Hollows 8,5''

Set of 2 trucks

Slappy trucks are the perfect mix between independent and ACE.

The Slappy Hollow trucks offer 55mm ride height. This is really the sweet spot. Quite comparable to a Forged Hollow Indy.

The classic style base plate offers superior lasting strength with plenty of metal to grind through.

The light weight of the Slappy Hollow is quite impressive and compares very evenly with other hollow trucks.

Overall   Slappy trucks offer a new experience with turning geometry compared to   very popular predecessors. The tough base plate holds up to the Slappy   name and will offer plenty of slides and grinds. The ride height and   weight fall right in the sweet spot for a modern truck.

Looks  like you can throw some Indy or Bones Bushings in there if you need  softer or  firmer trucks. The Indy cap washers seem to fit quite nicely  if you  choose to change your bushings.