Complete Skateboard by Nordic - High Quality

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Complete Skateboard by Nordic - High Quality

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IN PARTS - you must apply the grip and screw the trucks onto the deck (wheels-bearings-trucks are preassembled)

ASSEMBLED - Its ready to ride

The colour of the wood veneer may vary fromteh oen in the picture. We try our bst to send out purple or blue veneer. But it is not always available and you may get a different colour.

What do you get?

Pro quality deck coupled together with Loco 100a wheels, Abec 5 bearings, quality trucks with soft bushings, and  high quality griptape. This board ripps, its very durable,  rolls fast, has the latest up to date product specifications and feels  like a pro complete. This is a great way to try your first real  skateboard. Parts upgraded with other pro parts from our shop as you progress. This complete is extremely durable and performs  well  for both adults and kids.  This complete the real deal and offers higher quality and performance than USA branded completes in the 1500 sek price catagory. 

Assorted Sizes, what size is for me?

Kids up to 6 years old we recomend 7.3'' Mini 29.875'' Long with 13'' Wheel Base

Kids up to 8 years old we recomend 7.4'' Midi 30.125'' Long with 13.5'' Wheel Base

Kids  up to 12 we recomend  7.75''.  31.125 Long with 14'' Wheel Base

Teens up to 15 we recomend  8.0''.  31.625 Long with 14'' Wheel Base

Adults we recomend  8.25''.  32'' Long with 14,125'' Wheel Base

8.25'' is recomended for larger ramps and bowls.   

Teenagers  learning street skating we recomend 8.0''. If they are tall we    recomend  8.25'' it has a longer wheel base. Adults learning street we   recomend   8.25''

Is this board fast?

Loco  Wheel Co 100a Conical Profile wheels for park or street. The 52mm Loco  wheels  are medium hard 100a, coloured white with Loco Wheel Co  logo  design print. The performance is fast in the skatepark and can also   hande good  ashphalt.  Loco wheels are the real deal.Loco Wheel Co  wheels  offer great flatspot resistance,  modern shapes  and wicked     team.

Abec 5 beaings with metal dust shield are fast and quite durable.

Do the trucks on complete turn like other pro trucks so I can carve the gnar while I am gleemin the cube?

Loco  Completes offer polished trucks with soft/medium hardness bushings with  a tight turning radius. The trucks are strong and can grind like any  other pro truck.