Hoodie Nordic Skateboard Supply Logo Grey

I lager.
599 kr

300 kr

Hoodie Nordic Skateboard Supply Logo Grey

Good Quality Hoodie

Skate tested

Loose and Cozy

Exclusive Nordic Skateboard Supply Graphic

Exclusive Mander Design

Exclusively hand printed at Sthlm Screenprint

Made with love.

Fitting Guide

Youth XL 10-12 yo

Adult Small - up 13 yo

Adult Medium 

Adult Large - FIts good at 180 cm. Sits on your waist. Good waist band. Modern style. If you want a bit looser and longer grab the XL.  

Adult XL - I actually chose this one at 180 cm tall. It is not much bigger than the Large, but was a bit longer.

Adult XXL - This is more USA size XL.