Cruiser No Big Deal 8,5'' 55mm 78a

I lager.
1 499 kr

1 299 kr

The Cruiser deal of the summer is here.

Our fans and customers deserve the best products at the best prices and Nordic delivers.

No compromise on quality. This is even a step above those 2500 sek cruisers.

How can we achieve such high quality at a great price? We print our decks in house at Nordic. We buy in bulk. We don't pay irrelevant dinosaur middle people. We don't pay people to sit around and drink  coffee. Nordic gets the job done and delivers direct to you. Buy local  and win.

Chrononaut shaped deck. No compromise.

Abec 5 bearings. These last and are fast. Direct from our famous Loco Completes. Tried and tested.

Loco  Wheel Co Mules 55mm 78a cruiser wheels. Hardened plastic core to remove  wheel distortion for maximum speed. These roll on the rough stuff no  problem.

Trucks  direct from our famous Loco completes. These grind like butter, turn on  a dime. Max carve and guaranteed for life. Loco trucks will not fail.

We added a 1/8th  riser so you can carve crazy and don't risk wheel bite. 

3 different shapes/graphics and wheel bases. The choice is yours.