Bones Reds Big Balls Skateboard Bearing Set

299 kr

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Bones Big Balls Skateboard Bearing Set

These are great for poping those shields ; )

BIG BALLS, the newest member of our REDS family.  BIG BALLS are  engineered to roll faster and last longer by using 6, 17% larger balls,  like our legendary Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings.  These larger balls  let you roll faster, and keep rolling right through dirt that slows  smaller balls down.  This makes BIG BALLS a great choice for skaters looking for more speed and longer life in their bearings.

Skaters  have made the Bones REDS family of bearings their #1 choice because of  the consistent quality, speed, durability, and value.


  • Higher top speed
  • Greater strength
  • Longer life
  • Easy cleaning
  • Light weight
  • Skate Rated™ design


  • Set of 8 bearings
  • Instructions
  • Sticker