Ace Trucks Performance Bushing Set hard

119 kr

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Ace Trucks Performance Bushing Set Stock Medium

Fits Classic and AF-1style

Classic Bushing Set

  • Top 12mm tall | 94a hardness
  • Bottom 14mm tall | 94a hardness

Are  your Classic Ace Trucks or AF-1 (models 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and  66) losing  their magic turning abilities? Time to install some fresh  bushings! We  threw in some shiny new washers to keep you flossed.  Combine with new  Ace pivot cup bushings for a mini overhaul. Order  today so you can get  back to destroying everything in your path.

Stinky Socks ''Free''

Stinky Socks ''Free''

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