Skateboard Chrononaut Twin Tail

I lager.

599 kr

Skateboard Chrononaut Twin Tail 

The most advanced innovation you will ride and at an affordable price. 

New  symmetrical concave. 100% identical in every direction. Skate this deck  forward or backwards, it doesn't matter. A completely new experience when  your board is always facing the correct direction.  

The Chrononaut  Twin Tail offers an advanced pressing process that delivers a list of  details including a perfect Rocker, Foot Pocket on both nose and tail  and Modified Truck Angle Mounting Points that increase your pop.  This is a true symmetrical deck. Some brands offer similar claims but when you look close you discover it has different nose and tail kicks. The new Chrononaut Twin Tail offers perfectly symmetrical geometry.

The  Chrononaut Twin Tail offers you an exciting and new skateboarding  experience that you really can feel. The liberating feeling of not  having to turn your deck to the correct ''direction'' to skate forward  or backwards is amazing. This unlocks a host of new trick  combinations when you consider your board is always ready for whatever  trick, forward, fakie, nollie it's a world that has just been unlocked.  Coupling the new found freedom with the exclusive shape and high tech new  concave, this board is a game changer. 

7 ply Canadian maple  construction makes a strong and durable deck that feels comfortable  while offering many high tech innovations.  

Artwork by Swedish artist Kim Kong


Width   Length   Wheelbase   Nose     Tail 

8.0''       31.6''         14''             6.68''    6.68''

8.25''     31.82''      14.25''        6.68''    6.68''

8.5''       32''            14,25''         6.7''     6.7''